Beach Barbie

Photos by @ima.mermaid // *Lookbook*
So this is the last of the outfits from my trip to Wales (hence the washed out hair colour...), and boy does it bring back those summer memories. Especially as the sun was shining bright and warm that day, unlike the rain we've been experiencing recently.

To be honest this was one of those unplanned kind of 'spontaneous' outfit shoots, as I simply bought my camera along to take some scenic shots. But in typical blogger 'fashion' ended up shoving the camera into my sisters arms for a 'beach themed' shoot-in the sea. For the occasion I decided to pair my d.i.y'd patched denim shorts, which have been worn to 'death' when the sun is out, with that Barbie logo tee for 'kawaii' touch. Although I have to admit writing this blog post has made me really miss those warm summer days....

T-Shirt - New Look (Sale) | Denim Shorts - New Look (patches d.i.y) | Sunglasses - Asos | Necklace - Glitterbomb (link)* | Choker Necklace - Primark

Suede Co-ord

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook
Nothing screams 70s meets "safari explorer" than this suede two piece from the UK based brand Luxemme. For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Luxemme", they are a brand who combines affordable fashion with on-trend styles and an added touch of modern chic. Showcasing a range of items on offer including a "Limited Edition" line that has got my name all over-some of the pieces are seriously cool. This brand definitely channels their Manchester 'roots' (and coolness) by adding a modern touch to classic items in your wardrobe-at purse friendly prices.

There is something I love so much about two-pieces and this probably comes down to their versatility to be worn separately or together. This suede version (which is from their limited edition collection) is no different. As I can definitely see myself pairing the shorts with a band tee and oversized leather jacket for an outfit with a "rocker edge". Or alternatively channeling my full 70's Stevie Nicks meets Florence Welch 'goddess' with a pair of high waisted velvet flares and sky high platform boots.

For todays outfit I decided to add a 'grunge' touch with my oversized (and much loved) black duster jacket, which I also decided to pair with a duster waistcoat (that has laser cut-out detail along the edges) for a subtle touch of detail. As well as those white platform sandals that haven't left my feet all summer, and my trusty mini backpack with a new (pink) fluffy addition. That I am sure comes as no surprise to long time readers, who are all too aware of my pink/pompom obsession.

If you haven't already than I urge to have a look at this brand, and feast your eyes among the must-have pieces they have to offer.

Suede Co-ord - Luxemme (Limited Collection-link)* |  Duster Jacket - Primark | Backpack - Vintage | Pom Pom Keyring - New Look | Sandals & Sunglasses - Primark 

Postcards from Wales 2015

With my trip to Wales being last week, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite "holiday snaps" from the trip. Whilst we were there for the week we explored numerous places along the Welsh coast including watching the sun set along the picturesque coast of Rossilli, donning our wetsuits for a spot of surfing (and sunbathing) on the Gower and pier strolling at the Mumbles.

Needless to say we explored every inch of the southern welsh coast that week, to fulfil our "sight-seeing" needs. Despite the wether being a mixed bag of seasons (sunny and hot one day, raining the next..) We made the most of every opportunity to get out there (regardless of the 'conditions') and explore. Let me know if you too have explored the welsh coast below, and where about's you visited.